Boardwalk in panama city

Perfect climate !

Panama with it's tropical weather makes it a place where high temperature and just enough humidity combined, create the optimal environment to raise our crickets.

In fact, to maximize growth crickets need around 33 degrees Celsius. As Canadians, it was illogical to raise our crickets at home. The huge waste of energy to keep our crickets warm, while pretending to be Eco-responsible was irresponsible for us.

So we found a solution to raise them in a Eco-responsible habitat without wasting energy. Our greenhouses, maintain a temperature between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius all year long.

We work with nature .

lot of exotic fruits


How to make a cricket happy?

 Papaya, Guanabana ,Banana, Guayaba, Mango, Maracuya, Pineapple, Guava, ...These are just some of the exotic fruits that grow here in Panama, and in abundance so we are able to recuperate what's not consumed by the locals and bring them to our crickets every week.

container ship in panama canal


What to say?

Panama has the biggest free trade zone in the world and a canal used by thousands of cargo  ships per year. 

From here to your country wherever you are, Panama is a central point on the map.