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PREMIUM Cricket Powder

Available through Amazon.ca (soon on Amazon.com) 

Discover our high quality premium cricket powder

Our Cricket powder count 68% pure protein and an Excellent source of vitamin B12!! It's not just an amazing source of protein and vitamin, but also a complete one because  it contains all the essential amino acids (BCAA’s) that the human body needs for muscle development.

It also contains; Iron, potassium and calcium.


WHITE LABELED Cricket Powder

Now we offer you to market your own brand with our white label service. We will pack and send you, or to your customer bag of 56g-113g-227g-457g at a competitive price. 

Cricket Market farm is the only Farm approved by Agriculture, Health, Commerce & Industry and Environment Ministries of Panama to operate in Panama. We manage state-of-the-art cricket farming techniques and we’ve created a revolutionary way for Good Agricultural Practices and a sustainable model of farming crickets for the emerging industry. . Panama is a Non-GMO country and we use feeds and local fruits from local producers in our cricket’s diet. Cricket Market exclusively processes is own farmed crickets, in commercial FDA registered kitchen. Cricket Market HACCP certified facility follow GMP state of the art practices. Each batch is microbiologically tested by a certified laboratory.


bulk Cricket Powder

Minimum Order 50kilos, DOOR TO DOOR in 2-5 business days!! Contact us for a quote on shipping.

Cricket Market crickets powder is 100% roasted ground insects with no added ingredients. During process, no parts of the insect are abstracted. There is no adulteration of components or exposure to radiation sterilization.


Frass ( Cricket POOP ) N - P - K = (5.1 - 2.4 - 2.6)

 Cricket frass is a very dry substrate that works great with almost any  agriculture, hydroponic, garden market, vegetables, fruits...

Our crickets are fed an all natural non-GMO feed (Panama is a non-GMO country) so you know that you are always getting the best product!